Snowed In Part 2

So, as the snow continues to melt I thought it’d be nice to quickly make part 2 of “Snowed In.”

quiltnsnow 004I have finished my fiance’s Star Wars triangle quilt(well I still have to add the binding…bleh!). He loves it. It’s not quite big enough for him to use as a bedtime sleeping quilt, but it’ll be great for when he’s sitting up playing video games or just watching TV.

quiltnsnow 017

I did end up going back outside the next day. Chris wanted to build a snowman. Funny thing is that I ended up building the whole thing. Huh? She turned out kinda cute though.

quiltnsnow 013.JPGsnowwoman

We had to walk over 3 miles or so to Walgreen’s to pickup some food the next day. The snow was past my knees. Walgreen’s didn’t have what we needed so we ended up having to go across the main intersection to the grocery store. I’m just glad this is Virginia and not NY. Lol!

So, that’s the quick continuation of “Snowed In.” I’m actually on the phone right now so if this post seems -not so good- then that’s why. 🙂 It’ll be better next time…I pwomise.

❤ Maria Magdeline


Snowed In


snow 096

A couple of days ago I stocked up on fabric since I knew that we were expected to get many inches of snow this weekend. It’s was funny because I wasn’t the only one who had that idea. Many women were buying enough fabric and supplies to last them the whole weekend.

snowedin 006.

snowedin 004.

I was finishing my fiance’s Star Wars quilt when all of a sudden my sewing machine light started flickering and then the machine stopped working. I was so disappointed. A broken sewing machine meant a boring weekend with nothing to do. Then Christopher came over and told me it wasn’t plugged in all the way. -_- You can imagine how I felt…both happy and embarrassed.

Anyways, snow isn’t my favorite thing. It’s beautiful, but I don’t like being in it because… well, it’s cold. Chris wanted to go out and play in it so I decided to make a sacrifice by going out and trying to have fun. Lol! I only lasted like 10 minutes. I had fun, but my hands were freezing.

snow 048...

snow 031...


So, I will be staying inside to quilt (because i’m a granny), cook, and just relax in the warmth. Being snowed in is not a big deal for me, because I love being at home. 🙂

Are you snowed in too? If so, how are you spending your time?

❤ Maria Magdeline

Our May 2016 Wedding Inspiration

So, I thought a lot about making this post. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share the theme/look of our wedding since some of the people who will be attending read my blog. I kinda wanted it to be a surprise, but after some thought I decided…why not! I care more about the marriage than the actual wedding decorations and everything. I’d rather focus on cherishing the beginning of a marriage than spending my time making a huge deal about the wedding decorations. I’m not sure if that makes much sense, but yeah. 🙂 I think i’m just super easy-going and simple. Lol!

Which brings me to the point of the fact that our wedding will NOT be all glam and be an extravagant party. I think those weddings are great, but it’s just not my style…and honestly that just seems way too stressful and expensive. Our wedding is going to be very economical and simple. We want to focus on us two becoming one and being blessed by God. To me, that’s what it’s all about.

“For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.” Ephesians 5:31

Here are the 3 main colors we decided on:



Yes, there’s 3…well technically white is a tint, but whatever. The lavender grey is the more feminine color and the dark navy blue is the masculine. I plan to have white flowers to keep things very simple and classy.

The theme is kinda hard to explain in words. It’s like gardeny, but not what you’d call super boho. I don’t know…maybe i’m just trying to stay away from that word. Lol! I plan to have a lot of greenery and as many white flowers as I can. I know flowers can get costly, so we will be focusing mainly of the leafy greenery…which means we WILL be going into a forest or somewhere and clipping our own greenery. Haha! I also want a lot of lit white candles. 🙂


That’s pretty much it. Everything that it takes to make this wedding happen is very inexpensive…which I love! 🙂

The key word is SIMPLE. The reception isn’t even going to be sit down dinner style. It’ll be more like walk around and grab the foods you want and enjoy our company. Perfect style for families to meet…and perfect for a low budget. It also means we can invite as many people as we want! Everyone is happy.

❤ Maria Magdeline

The Kind of Wife I Want to Be

Considering the fact that i’m getting married in 123 days (WHAT?!) I thought it was a good idea to write this post while I still have the chance. I not only want to document my feelings on what it means to be a wife, but I want to write about the type of wife I want to be.engagementphotos 145..jpg

I plan to look back from time to time, through the years, as a reminder of my wifey goals. 😉 Here goes…


-First thing is that I never want to fall asleep angry with him. We are gonna continue to work out our problems right then and there, and then laugh at how dumb the whole thing was.

-If I see something bothering him I want to be there for him and continue to be his shoulder to cry on.

-I want to listen quietly to what he’s saying without interrupting or assuming.

-I want to tell him that I admire all the things he does for me and how hard he works. I want him to know that I notice what he does.

-I want to greet him with a hug and a kiss even if I have a million other things going on.

-I want to master juicy chicken for him…because he hates it dry. *eye roll*

-I want to make sure he has fresh clean socks and clothes to wear everyday.

-When he comes home from work I want him to be walking into a home that’s relaxing, quiet, and stress free…because I know he’s probably gonna be tired. Also, dinner to be made or in the process.engagementphotos 161.JPG

-I want to remember that i’m not the only person in his life and remind him to hangout with his friends and family often.

-I wanna date him even-though we’ll already be married. Surprise him with his favorite candy and a movie night or something like that.

-I want to go to church with him, pray with him, and study the Bible with him.

-I want to continue to be spontaneous with him…random trips and adventures!

-I want to have time to myself where I can do the things I love so that I can stay happy.

-I want to go out with my gal pals and maybe even continue to go on girl’s trips.

-I want to create a home that’s filled with love and laughter.engagementphotos 281

-I want to forgive him for not putting things back where they belong (or for not closing kitchen cabinets).

-While we’re building a family I want to remember that he was my husband first…and he’ll be the one i’ll be with for the rest of my life…long after our kids move out.

-I want to remember that he has ADHD. So, booger flinging is gonna happen and i’m gonna continue to be disgusted by it…but i’m still gonna love him.

-I want to help make him be the man he wants to be and be supportive of his hobbies.

-I want to make wise money decisions with him. If there’s a disagreement then we will write out our reasons for our thoughts and come to a mutual agreement.


Thanks for reading! …I can’t wait to look back on this post. 🙂

Also, I hope you liked some of our engagement photos.

❤ Maria Magdeline

Wedding Dress Shopping!

I am so happy to say that I have found my dress! There’s less than 5 months until the wedding…so having my dress has taken off a lot of stress. I can’t wait til’ it gets here! 🙂 xmaswed 047

I searched, with my awesome future mother-in-law, for a dress at a bridal shop that was having a closeout sale. I had found a dress that I really liked, but it was way over my budget. *sad face* She was so nice to shop with though!xmaswed 037

Then, I went to David’s Bridal. (I wonder who David is lol…anyways) My mom and 2 older sisters helped me pick out some gowns. I had like 10 gowns in my fitting room…I didn’t get to try all of them on. Way too manyxmaswed 042.

I ended up choosing the last dress I put on. I loved it!

However, the next morning I was having second thoughts about the dress…which was awful because it was already being paid for. So, I was freaking out because due to the special payment I couldn’t switch my dress. I wanted to give up on the wedding in that moment…haha! After being on hold on the phone for too long I decided to just go back to David’s Bridal and try on some more dresses. My dad and my long time friend Lauren…who is one of my bridesmaids…came along.

Without even knowing it…I ended up pulling my dress, that I chose the day before, off the rack to try on. I guess it was just meant to be. 🙂 I did try on some other dresses, but I decided to stick with the one I already chose.

And NO! You will not being seeing the dress until the wedding.

Here are some more images from the day. These dresses were just OK…so they didn’t win.xmaswed 061.xmaswed 067.xmaswed 064.xmaswed 057.xmaswed 046xmaswed 049.

Many thanks to Lauren for taking my camera and getting some good memorable shots. I’ll be going to Walmart today to get them printed.

❤ Maria Magdeline

A December Engagement

Yup, that’s right! I’m engaged. I said YES!

On December 5th at Kona Grill my bestfriend proposed to me…and I didn’t expect it at all. 🙂

anniversary 018.
Last year’s anniversary

In case you didn’t know, December fifth is our anniversary. So, the night he popped the question we were celebrating our 2 year.

mockingFirst, we saw a movie at the theater. The whole time he seemed sorta nervous. He was shaking a lot lol, but I just thought maybe it was because he always shakes his legs when he’s excited or anxious. So, the thought of him proposing wasn’t in my head. Plus, he told me to expect a proposal near New Years…haha! mhmmm.

Anyways, after the movie we went to Kona Grill. He was still super shaky and quieter than usual. We ordered our food and then he left to go outside. I think he said he needed some air.

When he came back in I was browsing the internet on my phone. He kept telling me to stand up. I was like “why?” haha! He said, “just stand up!” So, I stood up and he got down on one knee.

I don’t remember much in that moment…I don’t even think I was breathing. I know the lady standing next to me was hyperventilating and there was a lot of screaming going on.dec 099

Everyone was happy for us. We got yummy champagne on the house and someone bought us some celebratory drinks. It was a bit more than I could handle, but it’s the thought that counts…right?

I’m so thankful for all of the love and support we’ve been given. 🙂 We’re so happy and thanking God everyday for just…everything.

Our wedding planning has already begun. We’ve found the church for our ceremony and little reception…and we know that we’ll be husband and wife before the end of May 2016.

❤ Maria Magdeline

Disney Family Vacation

fl2 190Wow! Time has flown by and I haven’t made a new post in weeks. I just got back from a Disney World family vacation last night. Seven days of fun and now i’m back home…back to real life. I thought i’d share some memories from the trip.

We visited both Universal Studios parks and 3 of the Disney World parks. Yes, that’s a park everyday of the trip! Let’s just say I came home with new leg muscles.

fl2 025 fl2 030 fl2 022 fl2 038 fl2 021fl2 044fl2 048fl2 078fl2 076fl2 103.fl2 114fl2 215fl2 218fl2 219fl2 221fl2 226fl2 240fl2 242fl2 253fl2 259fl2 275fl2 288fl2 290fl2 306fl2 311fl2 326fl2 337fl2 350fl2 355fl2 357fl2 371fl2 374fl2 380fl2 381fl2 382fl2 383fl2 384fl2 386fl2 388fl2 393fl2 395fl2 397fl2 398fl2 399fl2 401fl2 402fl2 416fl1 034fl1 043fl1 046fl1 047fl1 057fl1 067fl1 070fl1 074fl1 099fl1 100fl1 109fl1 125fl1 128fl1 131fl2 196

There’s some of the photos from the trip. 🙂 It was very exciting and i’m so glad I got to go back!

❤ Maria Magdeline