October Planner

I spent some time last night fixing up the October calendar page in my planner. On my last post I showed you the Autumn/Halloween items I bought. Here are the results. I’m hoping this will inspire those who like to plan and are also crafty. 🙂

Some words are blurred for my privacy.
Some words were blurred for my privacy.

22call 010.

22call 011.
Look at my cute lil’ monster dude!

22call 012.

22call 007.
My days will fill in as time goes.

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

❤ Maria Magdeline

Autumn Planner Stickers

planner 001.So, i’ve been seeing a lot of cute decorated planners online lately. They are filled with stickers and covered with washi tape. I got inspired! In late August I purchased a planner from Kate Spade. I almost got one from Erin Condren, but as with everything I intend on buying I did a lot of research. My choice was this nice simple striped agenda. I just walked into the store and purchased it. No paying for shipping or having to wait weeks for my customized order. Sounded like a plan to me…*badoom ching*

planner 006.

It is now Autumn (and almost October)so that means it’s time to embellish a new month. Yay! I dropped by Walmart to pickup some yarn and came across some oh so lovely stickers! I can’t remember if I shrieked or not when I saw them. They were only 98 cents too! I may have gone a little crazy. There were tons of washi tape as well. So I picked up a few of them since they are an essential to planner decorating. 🙂

planner 008.

planner 010.

There are also many cute planner stickers on Etsy. I haven’t gotten to ordering any yet, but I have found a lot that I like. So, be sure to check there too.

planner 011.

I’m off to go prettify my planner, because making it more beautiful helps me get my tasks done.

Tootles ❤