Valentine’s Day 2016

So, it’s been about a week since Valentine’s Day. Wow! I’m behind. I’m planning a wedding, re-starting my business, and preparing for life’s major changes(marriage,moving out, etc.). There’s my excuse haha! If that’s not good enough then I don’t know what is.vday2016 021..

We actually didn’t do anything on Valentine’s Day. Christopher works on Sundays and that’s the day it was on this year. So, we celebrated the day before. This was our third day of love together.

I got my loving fiance a hydration pack. It’s a little backpack that has a water pack in it and the straw leads to your mouth. You active people know what it is. I also got him an off-brand FitBit. I was not going to be spending $100+ for that tiny little thing. Chris misplaces things more than i’d like…so if he wants that he’s gonna have to buy it with his own spare money LOL!

Each Valentine’s Day he gets me a bouquet of flowers from Strange’s. This year he created the bouquet himself. He selected each flower and it turned out beautifully.

boquet 001.JPG
…and they’re still alive! 

He also got me the traditional box of chocolates and some balloons. 😀 This time he even got me a jumbo sized card…and an average sized more serious one.vday2016 012.

After we exchanged gifts I went back to bed and took a nap and he napped on the couch. Talk about exciting. Haha!


Once we woke up we drove through the country(where my dad grew up) and rode on the ferry. It was so so cold and windy. I ordered Lily’s Chicken from Bonefish Grill and he got some fancy type of fish. All of the food was delicious as always.

After dinner we drove to the movie theater to see Deadpool. It’s what he wanted to see sooo…sacrifices ya know! It was a good movie, but it’s definitely not a children’s movie. We saw it in IMAX Dolby surround. The seats were electronic recliners with footrests. They were like couches! So, I got to lay my head on his shoulder without my side being crushed by an armrest. Speakers came out of the seats, walls, and ceiling. I was amazed.


After the movie he got me Hostess chocolate cupcakes from a gas station(yum!) and we drove back home. 🙂

It was a nice Valentine’s Day all in all. I wonder what life’s going to be like next February. We’ll have been married for 9 months by that time.

❤ Maria Magdeline




A December Engagement

Yup, that’s right! I’m engaged. I said YES!

On December 5th at Kona Grill my bestfriend proposed to me…and I didn’t expect it at all. 🙂

anniversary 018.
Last year’s anniversary

In case you didn’t know, December fifth is our anniversary. So, the night he popped the question we were celebrating our 2 year.

mockingFirst, we saw a movie at the theater. The whole time he seemed sorta nervous. He was shaking a lot lol, but I just thought maybe it was because he always shakes his legs when he’s excited or anxious. So, the thought of him proposing wasn’t in my head. Plus, he told me to expect a proposal near New Years…haha! mhmmm.

Anyways, after the movie we went to Kona Grill. He was still super shaky and quieter than usual. We ordered our food and then he left to go outside. I think he said he needed some air.

When he came back in I was browsing the internet on my phone. He kept telling me to stand up. I was like “why?” haha! He said, “just stand up!” So, I stood up and he got down on one knee.

I don’t remember much in that moment…I don’t even think I was breathing. I know the lady standing next to me was hyperventilating and there was a lot of screaming going on.dec 099

Everyone was happy for us. We got yummy champagne on the house and someone bought us some celebratory drinks. It was a bit more than I could handle, but it’s the thought that counts…right?

I’m so thankful for all of the love and support we’ve been given. 🙂 We’re so happy and thanking God everyday for just…everything.

Our wedding planning has already begun. We’ve found the church for our ceremony and little reception…and we know that we’ll be husband and wife before the end of May 2016.

❤ Maria Magdeline

Apple Picking Date with Bugs

apples 279.If you read my 25 Fall Date Ideas post then you know that apple picking was on the list. Starting last year I made it a plan to go pick apples every year around this time. Last year I went with my friends, but this year I decided to make it a date with Christopher since he really wanted to go.

apples 234

So, we drove about an hour to the orchard. It was such an interesting trip…but it always is when it’s just us two. Mainly because we’re so spontaneous.

apples 233
His name was Opossum. Such a nice dog.

Ok, so we were almost at the orchard when we saw a dog just walking in the middle of the road. It was a country road so it was small. The poor dog coulda gotten hit. So, we stopped, put him in the car, and drove to his house. He had dog tags on, thank goodness. The driveway to the house was bumpy and very very long. It led us past a small vineyard into a little home in the woods. Sorta creepy…but we called the owner and let him know we found his dog. 🙂 Yay for us!

Now that I told that story let’s get back to the apple picking. LOL!

We arrived at our destination. As we go to the entrance…what’s the first thing that happened to me? Oh, nothing much. Just that a huge stinkbug flew down my shirt and into my bra. I screamed and did a lil’ dance and got it out…whilst exposing myself. Haha! Oops! Keep reading, because this is NOT my last experience with the stinkbugs.

apples 309

I will always go apple picking in early October on a Tuesday. There were so many apples that hadn’t been picked and it was so quiet. I’m not exactly sure what types of apples we got, but I made sure to get mostly Fuji.

apples 294 apples 285. apples 260 apples 273apples 307apples 312apples 314

apples 268It was such a nice day. The weather was beautiful and so was the scenery. However, the whole time I was dealing with heartburn and a bad stomach ache…and Chris had a headache. Surprisingly, we survived and still had fun.apples 320

apples 331
Stinkbug trying to get my apples

After picking apples, we had to use the bathroom. We saw porta-potties and thought those were the only places to pee. Nope, later we found out there were nice restrooms near the front. Ugh! Anyways…they were really clean BUT…when I went to pee a durn stinkbug flew out of the “toilet.” I was trapped in a porta-potty with 3 stinkbugs! I was screaming and trying to move away from them and I ended up peeing my pants. Lovely!

After I peed my pants we got some apple cider and apple cinnamon donuts…so so delicious. We relaxed the rest of the time whilst getting attacked by more stinkbugs. I’m just glad we kept the car windows up.

apples 269 apples 280. apples 289 apples 293.

Now, i’m trying to figure out what to make with the apples. Pie seems too obvious. Muffins would be good…I don’t know. 🙂 I’ll decide on something.

apples 265

Have a nice day and try to make your way to an apple orchard this year.

❤ Maria Magdeline

25 Fall Date Ideas

As the months get colder it starts to get a bit more difficult to find fun things to do with your significant other. I gathered some (realistic) fall date ideas to help those who are tired of doing the ‘same old, same old.’

All are in different price ranges. They are in no specific order.


  1. Go to the pumpkin patch.
  2. Decorate your pumpkins…maybe make it a contest.
  3. Visit a haunted house or Halloween haunt.
  4. Shop for Halloween costumes. Try them on and show each other…it’ll be funny.
  5. Pop some popcorn and have a scary movie marathon.
  6. Go to a football game (High school, college, or professional). Remember, the bleachers get cold so bring something for your hiney to sit on.
  7. Spend a day at your local fair.
  8. Grab a couple fishing poles, some worms, and go fishing!
  9. Find an apple orchard and pick some apples. sun9 132
  10. Hike on a trail.
  11. Go shopping for fall clothing together…my personal fav! 😉
  12. Get a warm drink and sit by a bonfire. Usually outdoor malls have bonfires.
  13. Put some warm soup in a thermos and have a picnic.
  14. Go on a scenic drive in the mountains. Bring your camera!
  15. Hop on your bikes and ride around during sunset. date
  16. Cozy up next to the fireplace and make s’mores.
  17. Watch a movie at the drive-in theater. Don’t forget blankets and pillows to stay warm.
  18. Go horseback riding.
  19. Get your camera and a tripod and have a cute fall photoshoot. It helps if your camera has a timer or remote. Edit them on PicMonkey. 🙂
  20. Stroll down the street and treat a few people that don’t have a place to live with hot chocolate or a dollar menu item. If they have a dog order a beef patty. Doggies gotta eat too!
  21. Go camping. Even if it’s in your backyard. In my opinion, fall is the best time to camp. No mosquitoes and you can wrap up in all your blankets and sit by the fire. sun9 049
  22. Have a chili cook off. Hmm…who can cook the best? lol 😉
  23. Drink wine and eat cheese while watching a movie outside on your laptop together. It helps if you have a bubble chair or someplace cuddly to sit.
  24. Speaking of wine…you can go wine tasting.
  25. Last but not least, go stargazing. This is my most favorite thing to do outdoors.

I hope those were some good ideas. We’ve done a lot of them and they’ve given us some really great memories. 🙂

❤ Maria Magdeline

Fall Mood Board

Oh boy! This is my favorite season if you couldn’t already tell. Here are some things i’d like to do and some of my cherished features of autumn.



  • I love the rain. Most people don’t because it makes them feel bleh…but I just think it’s so relaxing. It also calms and slows everyone around me down, which is a plus for my personality.
  • Acorns acorns acorns. The nuts of the oak trees. They always remind me of when I was in Kindergarten and my friends and I would collect grasshoppers and keep them in the caps of the acorns. You would never find me touching any type of bug these days. Hmmm…are acorns edible? *Googles it* Ok, wow they are…but you have to cook them well. Apparently, they were a staple in the diet of Native Americans. Fun fact!
  • Crunchy brightly colored leaves. I don’t even have to say anything about them. Everyone enjoys the leaves changing and falling. I have memories of being a kid and trying to catch them when they fell.


  • I have never been on a train. I’ve been on many NY subway trains and the Metro in D.C. plenty of times…but never a “real” train. If I ever go on one I feel like the best time would be during fall. 🙂
  • Purchasing a bike has been on my to-do list for a while now. Riding a bike on a rainy autumn day sounds so lovely. Lord knows I need the exercise. Ha!
  • Yum! Blueberries! Love em. For like a year I ate blueberry muffins every Saturday morning. Scrumdidlyumptious! Blueberry season isn’t only in fall, but there was a red leaf in the photo so I decided to add it to the board. Why not?

What are your favorite things about this season? What don’t you like about it?

❤ Maria Magdeline