9 Reasons Why You Should Love Yourself & Tips On How To Do It

love5Loving yourself is important to your mental well-being. It is not about being self-centered or showing off, it’s about accepting yourself for who you are, and when you can do that, you can truly start to be a happy person. Here are some reasons why you should love yourself:

  1. Love yourself because it isn’t up to others to love you. It’s a blessing when they do love you, but when you love yourself you allow yourself to let go of the expectation for others to do so.
  2. When you love yourself you become more comfortable in your own skin…which allows you to enjoy life more.
  3. People like people who love themselves. They don’t want to spend much time with people who constantly put themselves down. Love yourself and people will love you and want to spend more time with you.love8
  4. Love yourself because wishing to be someone else is pointless. It will exhaust you because you will never be able to be anyone but you (regardless of where you go or what you do). You will be you for the rest of your life.
  5. When you love yourself you have no need to impress anybody else. No matter who it is! So, stop trying to please everyone else and you will begin to love yourself. If you rate other people’s opinions more important than your own, then you are not giving yourself enough credit. Their opinions are no more important, than your own, so trust in your own inner feelings and follow your heart.love3
  6. If you truly appreciate and love yourself, you are more likely to eat healthy food and exercise. You are more likely not to purposely harm yourself if you feel that you are worth more.
  7. One of the best reasons to love yourself is that you won’t feel envious of others when they experience all the good things that life has to offer. You won’t feel the need to knock them down out of jealousy and you won’t feel good when bad things happen to them. You will be genuinely happy for the people around you.love6
  8. Rather than looking to others for acceptance, you will help them because you are a good person. You won’t be another ‘people-pleaser’ because you already accept yourself. Which is important!!! Don’t spend your life trying to please everyone around you. Those who love you will accept you no matter what! Understand that.
  9. Lastly, you should love yourself because you are the only one that’s with you all the time. You know yourself, your thoughts, and your feelings. Nobody is you, but YOU! 🙂

Here are some tips to help you love yourself:

  • Stop calling yourself names. Instead of saying “I’m stupid…i’m dumb” say, “I don’t know how to do this right now, but maybe I could learn or practice more.” Another example: “I’m such a failure”…instead say something like, “I lost my job, but I can use this experience to find and keep a new one.”love4
  • Try to find one positive thing about yourself and add it to a list each week. Everyday, look at the list to remind yourself why you’re so great! Be specific. Instead of saying, “I’m generous”…say, “When I know that a friend is struggling, I give her a small and thoughtful gift to show that I care. This makes me generous.”
  • Reward yourself for accomplishing something. Whether it’s buying yourself something you’ve wanted for a while, going out to dinner, or getting a massage.love7
  • Tell yourself that you love you and speak positive things about you. Whether it’s in your head or out loud. Focus on the good things about you and the things you look forward to improving. Stay positive! 🙂

❤ Maria Magdeline

How To Prevent a Panic Attack

These days anxiety disorders are quite common. Whether it’s OCD, PTSD, a specific phobia, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder (separation anxiety disorder), or just general anxiety disorder. As for me, it’s the social anxiety. What does that mean? Basically, it means that social interactions cause me irrational anxiety. Awful, right?


I found out that I had this disorder a few months ago, but for a couple of years i’ve known in the back of my head that I had some anxiety issue. Apparently I even had it as young as 3-4 years old, but i’ll get to that another day. Since being diagnosed, I have been doing everything possible to become better…which includes dodging the panic attacks both big and small.


If you’ve had panic attacks then you probably already know the symptoms. However, some people go years without even knowing that what they’re experiencing is a minor panic attack. Here are the symptoms:

  • Skipping, racing, or pounding heart
  • Sweating
  • Trembling or shaking
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Choking sensations
  • Chest pain, pressure, or discomfort
  • Nausea, stomach problems, or sudden diarrhea
  • Dizziness, lightheadedness, feeling faint
  • Tingling or numbness in parts of your body
  • Hot flushes or chills
  • Feeling things around you are strange, unreal, unfamiliar, or feeling detached from body
  • Thoughts of losing control or going crazy
  • Fear of dying

Sometimes a panic attack will ‘come out of the blue.’ Just know that they usually only last like 5-10 minutes…though it does seem like they last a lifetime. You really just have to be patient, breathe through it, and it’ll go away. You’re NOT going to die.


I have so much information on this in my noggin, so i’ll try to be as quick as I can.

I have found that the best way to prevent a panic attack from happening is positive self-talk. This has helped me a lot. You really have to be able to catch the attack before it happens to prevent it, because once it happens…as my therapist likes to say…you just have to ride it out.

Here are some positive self-talk statements that may help before or before it gets out of control:

  • *I have done this before, and I can do it again.
  • This feels bad, it’s a normal body reaction – it will pass
  • These are just feelings, they will go away
  • This won’t last forever
  • *Short term pain for long term gain
  • I don’t need to rush, I can take things slowly
  • I have survived before, I will survive now
  • I feel this way because of my past experiences, but I am safe right now
  • *My mind is not always my friend
  • *Thoughts are just thoughts – they’re not necessarily true or factual
  • I can learn from this and it will be easier next time

I put * next to the ones that have helped me the most with my social anxiety. When I know that i’m about to enter a social situation I have to tell myself these things. Hearing from other people that everything will be OK just doesn’t help…it actually usually makes it worse because they’re making me focus on the problem. I may look like a maniac doing positive self-talk, but it’s better than randomly bursting out in tears and scaring everyone. Haha! That has happened so many times in my life.


Again, you just have to catch yourself before the panic attack happens. There have been times when i’ve noticed my jaw clenching up and I just have to relax my body. Catch it before it happens. 🙂 Also, I thought i’d add that sometimes it happens after a social interaction. In that case I just don’t even avoid it…haha no point, because by that time i’m too exhausted to even try.

Thanks for reading and I hope I helped!

❤ Maria Magdeline