Valentine’s Day 2016

So, it’s been about a week since Valentine’s Day. Wow! I’m behind. I’m planning a wedding, re-starting my business, and preparing for life’s major changes(marriage,moving out, etc.). There’s my excuse haha! If that’s not good enough then I don’t know what is.vday2016 021..

We actually didn’t do anything on Valentine’s Day. Christopher works on Sundays and that’s the day it was on this year. So, we celebrated the day before. This was our third day of love together.

I got my loving fiance a hydration pack. It’s a little backpack that has a water pack in it and the straw leads to your mouth. You active people know what it is. I also got him an off-brand FitBit. I was not going to be spending $100+ for that tiny little thing. Chris misplaces things more than i’d like…so if he wants that he’s gonna have to buy it with his own spare money LOL!

Each Valentine’s Day he gets me a bouquet of flowers from Strange’s. This year he created the bouquet himself. He selected each flower and it turned out beautifully.

boquet 001.JPG
…and they’re still alive! 

He also got me the traditional box of chocolates and some balloons. 😀 This time he even got me a jumbo sized card…and an average sized more serious one.vday2016 012.

After we exchanged gifts I went back to bed and took a nap and he napped on the couch. Talk about exciting. Haha!


Once we woke up we drove through the country(where my dad grew up) and rode on the ferry. It was so so cold and windy. I ordered Lily’s Chicken from Bonefish Grill and he got some fancy type of fish. All of the food was delicious as always.

After dinner we drove to the movie theater to see Deadpool. It’s what he wanted to see sooo…sacrifices ya know! It was a good movie, but it’s definitely not a children’s movie. We saw it in IMAX Dolby surround. The seats were electronic recliners with footrests. They were like couches! So, I got to lay my head on his shoulder without my side being crushed by an armrest. Speakers came out of the seats, walls, and ceiling. I was amazed.


After the movie he got me Hostess chocolate cupcakes from a gas station(yum!) and we drove back home. 🙂

It was a nice Valentine’s Day all in all. I wonder what life’s going to be like next February. We’ll have been married for 9 months by that time.

❤ Maria Magdeline




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