The Kind of Wife I Want to Be

Considering the fact that i’m getting married in 123 days (WHAT?!) I thought it was a good idea to write this post while I still have the chance. I not only want to document my feelings on what it means to be a wife, but I want to write about the type of wife I want to be.engagementphotos 145..jpg

I plan to look back from time to time, through the years, as a reminder of my wifey goals. 😉 Here goes…


-First thing is that I never want to fall asleep angry with him. We are gonna continue to work out our problems right then and there, and then laugh at how dumb the whole thing was.

-If I see something bothering him I want to be there for him and continue to be his shoulder to cry on.

-I want to listen quietly to what he’s saying without interrupting or assuming.

-I want to tell him that I admire all the things he does for me and how hard he works. I want him to know that I notice what he does.

-I want to greet him with a hug and a kiss even if I have a million other things going on.

-I want to master juicy chicken for him…because he hates it dry. *eye roll*

-I want to make sure he has fresh clean socks and clothes to wear everyday.

-When he comes home from work I want him to be walking into a home that’s relaxing, quiet, and stress free…because I know he’s probably gonna be tired. Also, dinner to be made or in the process.engagementphotos 161.JPG

-I want to remember that i’m not the only person in his life and remind him to hangout with his friends and family often.

-I wanna date him even-though we’ll already be married. Surprise him with his favorite candy and a movie night or something like that.

-I want to go to church with him, pray with him, and study the Bible with him.

-I want to continue to be spontaneous with him…random trips and adventures!

-I want to have time to myself where I can do the things I love so that I can stay happy.

-I want to go out with my gal pals and maybe even continue to go on girl’s trips.

-I want to create a home that’s filled with love and laughter.engagementphotos 281

-I want to forgive him for not putting things back where they belong (or for not closing kitchen cabinets).

-While we’re building a family I want to remember that he was my husband first…and he’ll be the one i’ll be with for the rest of my life…long after our kids move out.

-I want to remember that he has ADHD. So, booger flinging is gonna happen and i’m gonna continue to be disgusted by it…but i’m still gonna love him.

-I want to help make him be the man he wants to be and be supportive of his hobbies.

-I want to make wise money decisions with him. If there’s a disagreement then we will write out our reasons for our thoughts and come to a mutual agreement.


Thanks for reading! …I can’t wait to look back on this post. 🙂

Also, I hope you liked some of our engagement photos.

❤ Maria Magdeline


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