About Me

Welcome to my blog! If you haven’t already guessed…my name is Maria. Do I remind you of the West Side Story? Maybe. Did you just meet me(a girl named Maria)? Yes. Do you know how to solve a problem like me? You might.

sept14 003.

I am a maker of many things. From sculpting, sketching, oil painting…to crocheting, embroidering, knitting, and sewing. If you walk into an art or craft store and ask me if I know how to do something…the answer will probably be yes. Will I need classes if i’m clueless…nope. I prefer to teach myself.

I have a loving boyfriend of nearly 2 years (on December 5, 2015). Being the youngest of 3 girls growing up was a lovely adventure. I would never change the birth order. Haha 😉

I am growing each day and learning a lot along the way. You can follow me on Instagram at Mmp2694 for post updates!

Check back often!

❤ Maria Magdeline

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